Saturday, October 9, 2010

Week 1 EOC: My Voice

Since I was a child I have always been creative and expressive. I grew up learning how to draw, write, paint, build, even sing and play music. I believe our main purpose in life is to create and innovate. As I grow older I hope to never lose sight of my inner child. I hope i will continue to create into my adult years and beyond. Today I consider myself a musician at heart. I play guitar in a band and love music more than anything. Music is what inspires me to create and to venture into other areas of study. One day I hope to be a successful musician and follow my dreams, but my background is leading me to pursue other professions as well. My interests and talents growing up have led me to make the choice to pursue a degree at The Art Institute. Prior to coming to school, my passion for art had been just that. Art has always been merely an amateur passion or a hobby. I am finding that this school is taking my passions and hobbies and turning them into professional skills. The Art Institute is helping me to take what I love, and turn it into a career. After graduation i hope to be a successful and talented web designer. I plan to work in a web firm or start a small web company. I would love to tie my passion for music in with my work. Right now I enjoy spending time creating graphics and web layouts for my own band. I hope one day I'll be able to create the web image for bigger bands and musicians around the world. I would love to design graphics for t-shirts, band logos, and other insignia as well as full web sites for musicians.

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