Saturday, October 30, 2010

Week 4 EOC: Meaning of the movie Big

The movie Big is about a boy who is often picked on. He makes a wish to be big and wakes up as a grown man. He is then forced to do adult things like working. He lands a job for a major toy company where he does boring computer office work. Because he is a kid at heart, he has a different way of working than his adult coworkers. The president of the company quickly notices this. One day the boy goes into the toy store and is discovered by the president playing with all of the toys. The president is impressed by his interest in the company and love of toys and ends up promoting him to a really high position in the company. The meaning behind this whole story is simple. You should pursue the things you are genuinely interested in. One should immerse themselves in their chosen profession if they want to excel and reach their highest potential. By spending his free time in the toy store in which he worked, the boy grabbed hold of an amazing opportunity that he would have never had by sitting at home being idle.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Week 3 EOC: 3 Time Internet

Find 3 quotes from the internet that describe how cable, DSL, and cell phone wireless internet works
quotes in different color
link at the end of each quote

Today, there are three main ways people access the internet.

Cable quote:

"If you are one of the first users to connect to the Internet through a particular cable channel, then you may have nearly the entire bandwidth of the channel available for your use. As new users, especially heavy-access users, are connected to the channel, you will have to share that bandwidth, and may see your performance degrade as a result. It is possible that, in times of heavy usage with many connected users, performance will be far below the theoretical maximums."

DSL quote:

"A DSL connection works better when you are closer to the provider's central office. The farther away you get from the central office, the weaker the signal becomes. The connection is faster for receiving data than it is for sending data over the Internet. The service is not available everywhere"

Cell Phone quote:

"3G networks have potential transfer speeds of up to 3 Mbps (about 15 seconds to download a 3-minute MP3 song). For comparison, the fastest 2G phones can achieve up to 144Kbps (about 8 minutes to download a 3-minute song). 3G's high data rates are ideal for downloading information from the Internet and sending and receiving large, multimedia files."

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Week 1 EOC: Modern Internet

what do you think the internet is?
quote in different color
300 words

The internet today is a virtual world of information, entertainment, business, and communication. A world where one can connect and share with anyone and everyone. Unlike the real world we live in, this world gives you everything at your fingertips with the click of a mouse. At a moment’s notice you can obtain virtually anything you desire or need. You can also meet and interact with people from all over the globe as if they are directly in front of you. Because the internet is not owned and operated by one single person or group, the internet can be owned and built upon by anyone. Anyone can gain access to the internet and use it for their own personal agenda. Anyone can create and add to the internet. This virtual world grows exponentially compared to the real world. Although there is little to do to keep the internet under control,  there are groups and organizations that monitor and oversee content on the internet.

Week 1 EOC: My Voice

Since I was a child I have always been creative and expressive. I grew up learning how to draw, write, paint, build, even sing and play music. I believe our main purpose in life is to create and innovate. As I grow older I hope to never lose sight of my inner child. I hope i will continue to create into my adult years and beyond. Today I consider myself a musician at heart. I play guitar in a band and love music more than anything. Music is what inspires me to create and to venture into other areas of study. One day I hope to be a successful musician and follow my dreams, but my background is leading me to pursue other professions as well. My interests and talents growing up have led me to make the choice to pursue a degree at The Art Institute. Prior to coming to school, my passion for art had been just that. Art has always been merely an amateur passion or a hobby. I am finding that this school is taking my passions and hobbies and turning them into professional skills. The Art Institute is helping me to take what I love, and turn it into a career. After graduation i hope to be a successful and talented web designer. I plan to work in a web firm or start a small web company. I would love to tie my passion for music in with my work. Right now I enjoy spending time creating graphics and web layouts for my own band. I hope one day I'll be able to create the web image for bigger bands and musicians around the world. I would love to design graphics for t-shirts, band logos, and other insignia as well as full web sites for musicians.