Saturday, October 9, 2010

Week 1 EOC: Modern Internet

what do you think the internet is?
quote in different color
300 words

The internet today is a virtual world of information, entertainment, business, and communication. A world where one can connect and share with anyone and everyone. Unlike the real world we live in, this world gives you everything at your fingertips with the click of a mouse. At a moment’s notice you can obtain virtually anything you desire or need. You can also meet and interact with people from all over the globe as if they are directly in front of you. Because the internet is not owned and operated by one single person or group, the internet can be owned and built upon by anyone. Anyone can gain access to the internet and use it for their own personal agenda. Anyone can create and add to the internet. This virtual world grows exponentially compared to the real world. Although there is little to do to keep the internet under control,  there are groups and organizations that monitor and oversee content on the internet.

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